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Quality service is just a quotation away!

Whether you need an intimate stage setup for your dinner function or a music production for your next big single, KESA Media will exceed your expectations.


Whatever your budget or requirements are, we at KESA Media aim to satisfy all of our clients with excellent service and a memorable experience.

What our clients say about us...


The service was very good!

"The after-sales service was fantastic, especially the speed and PROFESSIONALISM displayed on queries after the event."

Ms. Amanda H., Celebrations Events



Excellent service, quick delivery!

"The event setup was great, the speed of delivery and the QUALITY of the service."


Ms. Rachel S., GIZ Namibia



Website design on point!

"The quality and the professionalism they displayed is second to none. Will definitely USE THEM AGAIN."

Mr. Amar K., The Algerian Embassy in Namibia


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